Monday, June 11, 2012

Up All Night Tour 2012: Stay Classy San Diego

June 8, 2012 was seriously probably one of the most memorable nights that I have ever experienced.  I was lucky enough to be able to go to One Direction's concert at the Viejas Stadium in San Diego.  Back in March when the tickets went on pre-sale I was beyond ecstatic about them going on tour in the US.  I was so shocked when they announced the tour and literally like 3 days later the tickets went on sale.  Anyways, the day the tickets went on sale (pre-sale let me remind you), I actually had a big job interview.  Not only did I have a big moment to concentrate on, but my interview was at 3:30pm and the tickets went on sale at 4pm.  I was kinda freaking out because I wanted to buy the tickets right away when they went on sale, but I pretty much came to the conclusion that I needed to prioritize and focus on my interview.  If I happened to be finished with the interview in time, then I was able to buy the tickets.  I was kinda leaving everything up to fate I guess, whatevers meant to be is meant to be.  Well, I had an awesome interview ( I ended up getting the job) and best part about it is that I was finished at 3:55pm on the dot.  I couldn't believe it.  I live super close by and I rushed home to buy the tickets.  I originally was trying to buy tickets for a specific show in San Jose because that was the date my boss was going to allow my friend, Heidi, and I to go.  Well again, this was a freaking PRE-SALE and I sat down right at 4pm when they went on sale and let me tell you, I had no idea what I was in for.  I sat there for an hour of solid entering in the pre-sale code and refreshing the page over and over.  I was literally calling Heidi and I was starting to tear up, I was so frustrated.  I was kicking myself because I was finally able to get tickets for the San Jose show, but the seats were horrible.  I let the seats go and then it wasn't for an hour until I was able to actually get tickets, and that was by chance.  I was seriously about to give up and really kick myself for giving those tickets up, so I just tried for the San Diego show.  Just on a whim.  And what happened? I got tickets.  Not just tickets, but AWESOME TICKETS.

Fast forward to the actually concert day :)  We finally got to the concert and there was just a sea of girls everywhere. Whenever a girl screamed, girls would sprint to where the scream came from to see what was going on (we did this hahaha it was hard not to!!). Anyways, we got our official one direction merchandise :) and then we had to wait in the sea of girls to get in. We finally got in and it was so funny because Heidi went in first and we just kept getting closer, and closer and closer. Each step Heidi was getting more excited and that was making me start to get really hyped inside. Our seats were beyond amazing. Remind you that I had been trying for an hour and was about to lose all hope. It was just such an awesome and surreal moment knowing they would be so close. Camryn and Olly Murs were the opening acts and even though I had never heard them before, they had great energy. We sat and just listened though because we wanted to save our energy and our voices for one direction :). When they finally were about to go on stage I saw Harry and I freakeddddddd out! I absolutely couldn't believe what was about to happen. All the videos, tv appearances, pictures online, in blogs, and in magazines and finally they were going to be right THERE on THAT stage. UNREAL! The show started and they were on stage for about an hour and 20 mins or so. Honestly that was unbelievable. They played 13 of the 15 songs plus they sang some covers. Their voices sounded so wonderful and you definitely know they didn't/don't lip synch because Harry changed the lyrics :) instead of singing "I can see you holding back those tears, tears..." he said beards, beards :) it was so adorable. That's why I believe they have had such great success in such a short amount of time. They were showing who they are the entire show. They were messing around and being playful with each other. They are such real personalities and you just fall in love with them. Another reason why i adore this band so much is because its about time that we had a group of young males empowering girls in accepting and loving who they are i dont know if its because they are european and they just have a different attitude about them, but they honestly are so great for not just young girls, but all women. Im constantly reading quotes and interviews and in their songs talking about how every girl is beautiful it just sends such a positive message. In a world where image is everything, its important to know and remember we should all love ourselves and see the beauty we each have to offer from the inside out. Most people think im crazy when i say these things, but i believe it to be very true.

The concert was so light, fun and just freaking happiness! It was the best experience I've had in a long time, maybe ever? Hahaha definitely my favorite concert so far that I've gone to. On a side note, I applaud them for making the Up All Night DVD. It's awesome because aside from the other cover they did, the twitter questions and of course the dialogue in between songs, it is almost the same concert exactly. It gives fans a chance to experience the concert too for those who weren't able to get tickets. They sold out so fast but in my opinion, I honestly feel like they care about being accessible to fans. Yes I know forms business side they are making tons off of it, but at least it gives everyone a chance to relive the magic :)

Well.... Hope you all felt the One Direction love :) until next time.....

Always a Directioner :),