Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Oatmeal Cleanser Experiment: Day 1

Yes, you read right!  I have been inspired by two YouTubers to try this for myself, using oatmeal as a cleanser!  

This is the oatmeal I used, right out of my cupboard!
  As you may know by previously reading my blog, I recently tried the Clarisonic Mia.  Unfortunately, that product was just not for me.  A common side effect for using the Clarisonic is skin purging.  Skin purging is basically your skin getting rid of the excess "junk" and sebum that you have in your pores which = BREAKOUTS.  Since trying out the Clarisonic, my skin has been in the purging stage for I would say close to more than 2 months now.  I am a skin care freak and my skin being THIS bad absolutely KILLS ME!!!!  This doesn't happen to my skin and its embarrassing when nothing you do to take care of your skin is working.  For the past few months, my skin has turned from combination acne proned skin to so slick and oily that I just look I've been dipped in grease.  It's not a cute look if you know what I mean.  I was catching up on some beauty videos, and I saw Saaammage (YouTuber) had posted an updated skin care routine.  She has mentioned in previous videos how she uses oatmeal as cleanser, but I didn't think too much about it.  She also mentioned that the reason why she started using oatmeal was because of BubzBeauty, another guru that I love watching their videos.  After watching both of their videos, I was ready to try this new remedy!  Now, since this is only day one, I can't give a full review on what I think about oatmeal as a cleanser.  But, I will share with you how I feel after my first try!

I personally really love oatmeal.  I love to eat it and I like the smell and texture oddly enough.  I took enough oatmeal to cover the palm of my hand.  Clenching the oats in my fist, I held my hand under warm water to saturate the oats to make them soft and create a milky cleanser.  Taking the wet oats, I gently rubbed them on my face in small, circular motions.  Again, I feel a little strange liking the smell of oatmeal, but I really didn't mind it at all.  The oats gently exfoliated my skin and I could feel that the texture of the oats was really getting my skin clean.  The obvious downside to using oatmeal as a cleanser is that you have chunky oats all over your face!  Not too sure that my sink enjoyed all those oats :)  After rinsing off the oatmeal from my face, I immediately noticed that my skin felt clean, tight, refreshed and suprisingly brighter!  After cleansing my face, I immediately follow with my moisturizer and I noticed that it felt like my moisturizer sank in to my pores much more than normal, which means that the product is working better for the skin!  Now even though again, the mess I can see would be hard for some people to look past, so far I am willing to continue with this new skincare change to see how my skin progresses over the next few weeks of using the oatmeal.  I will be checking in to give updates on how my skin has changed due to the change of using oatmeal as my new cleanser.  I hope you follow me on this journey for what I hope to be a great new skincare breakthrough for me!

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**Here are the videos mentioned in this post**

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