Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Things To Come!

Hello lovelies!

I have had this stupid cough for 2 weeks now and let me tell you, I am really over it!  I just want to feel 100% again and in my normal routine but nature is really having its way with me right now.  Along with the stress of not feeling good my skin is screaming at me and this has been a horrible skin week! EEEEK! Oh well, hopefully it all goes away....SOON!

On a brighter note...

I am just letting you all know [whoever reads my blog btw I thank you for reading my randomness and I love you for coming back] that I am going to be starting a few new "projects", if that's what you want to call them.

1. Pinteresting Experiments!  Don't laugh at the name please, it just came to my mind.  LOL.  I am an avid Pinterest user and I could be on the app or the website for what seems to be hours at a time.  I have found so many cool DIY's, recipes, tricks, tips etc.  But how many of these super cool things have you ACTUALLY tried for yourself?  I can only speak for myself, but I have probably only tried 3 things  of my many pins.  So I thought it would be fun to tackle a new project every week and let you guys know if it's really as cool as it seems!  I think this will be a lot of fun!

2. Food accountability!  I am laughing as I am writing this because I just instagrammed a few hours ago my massive ice cream cone I ate and here I am trying to talk about some food accountability.  What a joke!  Well that's exactly the point though.  I have had my fun with food but I only have one body in this lifetime, I need to take proper care of it!  I am going to write down what I eat daily so we can see what's really going on.  Am I going to be insane and eat lettuce? Heck no.  I am going to personally try and cut down my salt intake [I love love love salty foods] and the sweets!  Those are my weaknesses!  Like I said though, it's just to live a healthier lifestyle, not a "perfect" one.  I know how hard it is to eat healthy and exercise, so I'll be you friend through the process!  :)

3. Holiday gift guide!  [David, this is for you!  Thanks for the idea!]  I am going to search the world wide web for some awesome gift ideas.  I am stumped on a few people this year for Christmas, so I think this will be fun searching for some unique gift ideas that people would actually want!  [Or at least what I would want haha]

4. More Beauty and Fashion related posts!  Originally, this blog was supposed to be mainly for beauty and fashion topics but I seem to have made it completely random.  I am going to try and keep it more organized and get back on track with the original plan for this blog.  I just made an online purchase for Sephora, so I have plenty of goodies in transit! :)  Beauty and fashion is where my heart is and it's seriously so fun for me to do anything related!  Blogging is something that I do as a hobby now, but I tell you it would be my ultimate dream to do it for a living someday.  People a lot of times just want to see big numbers in all things related to blogging but it takes time.  Like I have said before, this blog is my baby and I will do what it takes to get to where I want to be....someday.  Even still though, if one person can take away something from what I write then that is success in my eyes.  I just hope you all will grow with me and my blog to hopefully one day see us doing great things.  :)

If you have any questions, comments or Pinterest experiment ideas, feel free to comment below.


Aimee XO

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket [Left to right: Non Stop Cherry, Forever Scarlet, Relentless Raisin] [Also note: I took this photo right after applying to my hand...the color dries to a matte texture, but with the top gloss it becomes..well, glossy lol]

 Hey beauties! While these are not new to the drugstore market, I had to write a review on these babies. I have had these three colors in my makeup collection for I want to say about a year or so now, but they seemed to have gotten lost in my mass of lip products. I wish that I had used/tried them more closer to when I actually purchased them because I would return them in a heartbeat! I don't want to just tell you all about the awesome products out there [even though that's the fun part], but you need to know what to skip in the store as well! So this is my review on the Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor! "All day lipcolor and gloss that works overtime! ColorStay Overtime™ Lipcolor covers your lips in full coverage color and shine for up to 16 hours, no touch-ups needed. One end smoothes on advanced ColorStay™ liquid formula with SoftFlex™ for beautiful, comfortable color that won't kiss off, feather or bleed. The other end brushes on a moisturizing top coat with chamomile and soy extract for all-day glossy softness. Available in 26 gorgeous shades." [Revlon Website] These are the promises that Revlon has for this product. I have to disagree with everything except for the fact that I love how the colors look on my lips! They are really beautiful shades! I wore Forever Scarlet today to work and I had to go to the bathroom within an hour of putting it on my lips because I was focusing too much on my lips instead of work! When I think of a long-lasting lip color that I supposedly don't have to touch up on, I want that to be the case! This stuff immediately dried my lips out and it felt really sticky which I didn't appreciate at all. I think the worst part about this product is that near the end of the first hour I had the product on my lips, it was starting to peel. I could literally feel the color cracking and peeling and coming off of my lips. I didn't want to fiddle or worry about whether or not my lips would be coming off, so off went the lipcolor. So I definitely disagree with this product lasting for 16 hours and touch up free. I also accidentally touched my lips with my hand, and some of the color transferred. This was long after I had let my lips dry and everything. Would I dare try and give a special someone a smooch with this stuff? Heck no! If it came off onto my lips with a small tap from my fingers I doubt I would trust this for a makeout session lets be real. LOL. These lipcolors run for about $9.99, depending on what drugstore you go to. I honestly think I probably got them on sale, which at least drugstores regularly have Revlon lip products on sale. If they actually lived up to their potential, I wouldn't mind paying $10 or so. It would be worth not having to fuss over it! But, since they don't do what they are supposed to, I feel like its a lot of wasted money! [don't remind me I have 3 of them :/ ]

 Like I said, I absolutely adore the color selection. I love the rich, deep colors and each of the three shades that I bought [Non Stop Cherry, Forever Scarlet, Relentless Raisin] are all really flattering on my skin tone. If only these colors were in a different formula!!!! What is also nice about the product is that it is easy to use. I'm not just talking about the process of putting the lip color on first and then the top glossy coat. I am referring to the brushes. I think you really are able to have a lot of control with these brushes. When using a lip color that is supposed to stay on my lips for 16 hours, I don't want to mess up! It was easy to trace and fill my lips without any mistakes! Hopefully after reading this you get some good insight on a drugstore product that in my opinion, you should all stay away from.

 Hope you all didn't overload on Thanksgiving and that you survived Black Friday as well! Always, Aimee XO

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope that you all had a wonderful day spent with any loved ones that you hold close and dear to your heart.  I had this little girl with me all day and I am so thankful for her unconditional love.  I love that about pets, they accept and love you for you.  It's a beautiful thing :)

I have been working on some blog ideas as well as some series like posts that I am excited about.  Hopefully you all will like the ideas when they eventually come to life.


Aimee XO

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fav Fall Lip Combo

Fav Fall Lip Combo

Baby Lips

Plus symbol

SuperStay 10HR Stain Gloss™ - Lip Gloss By Maybelline

This is my new found favorite fall lip combination so far this season.  I am a lip "junkie" and if you go through my makeup collection, one would find a massive amount of lip products everywhere.  With that being said, I am a huge fan of dramatic lips.  This ranges from pretty pinks, classic reds, mysterious dark plum lips, to sassy oranges and all colors in between.  I discovered this awesome duo today and I just had to share with all of you how well these two products work together.

Lets first start off with the Super Stay Stain Gloss.  I was immediately drawn to this color in the store because of the purple.  It was a pretty shade from what it was supposed to look like on the colored cap.  Again, I love bold and so I just went with this color because I feel like I have so many neutral pinkish reds if you know what I mean.  This product is supposed to act like a stain and a lipgloss in one and I feel like it does a decent job at what it claims to do.  I do find the consistency of the product to be a little weird and it seems to smell a bit like kool aid or some sort of flavored children's drink.  I do like how it has a very wide and flat applicator brush.  It covers a lot of lip and the brush is easy to work with.  You need to let the product dry a bit before you start rubbing your lips together or licking them.  The stain usually stays on my lips for a few hours which in my opinion is pretty decent.  I would much rather have something stay on my lips for a few hours and not have to worry too much about it fading and such.  Does it last 10 hours?  Heck no.  But, I do think it is one of the better stains on the market for sure.  Now, here comes the fun part.....On to the baby lips.......

I love any lip balm that is going to give my lips great moisture but also a splash of color.  I have been noticing lately that after doing my makeup, I can't just leave my lips bare.  It just makes me look really off center and kinda pale?  Hope that makes sense.. :)  Anyhow, the baby lips products are awesome.  I just happened to have this baby lips flavor in "Grape Vine" in my pocket throughout the day and it was perfect when my lips were feeling a little parched.  I didn't realize at first how these two lip products would work so well together.  I was really just trying to keep my lips moisturized so I wouldn't be rubbing my lips together.  But these two really compliment each other.  The stain was having pretty good staying power today but with the hint of color of the baby lips, I didn't have to retouch the stain today.  It was quite a pleasant surprise.  Now I am certainly not claiming that my lips looked like when I first applied the stain, but it was a quick and easy option for me to keep my lip color throughout the day without looking in the mirror.

Hope you find this useful and that you are having a fun filled weekend :)


Aimee XO

Sunday, November 4, 2012

October Favorites!

Hey all! Just wanted to let you guys know that I posted my first ever "real" YouTube video!  It's on my October Favorites and hopefully you guys like it!  

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

XO, Aimee