Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cinco Mas!

Hey there :)

Today I write to you on my loaner computer from my stepdad.  This is honestly so much easier to write this post on.  I have missed having a computer and I certainly won't take this luxury for granted ever again! 

There are 5 days left of my $30 challenge and I can't wait til its all over, seriously lol. 

$21.66 left
-$1.00 chocolate donation
$20.66 left!

I know this seems like I have a good amount left, but tomorrow I will be purchasing my Twilight Breaking Dawn movie marathon ticket so that is going to take up $15.  I didn't spend any money yesterday and today I put $1 towards a chocolate fundraiser that a friend is doing to raise money for a family members school.  I got these chocolate covered almonds and let me tell you they were phenomenal! mmmmmmmm so yummy.  After work today I had a visit with the parents, ironed my work clothes and then I had an amazing workout!  I feel like today was very productive and I enjoy these days very much. 

Last night some  friends and I all hung out and it was seriously one of the most random, silly and fun nights I have had in awhile.  We were just dancing and being goofy letting our inner weirdness come out.  I loved it.  It just kinda made me think about how we should never cease to live our lives and have fun.  I can be guilty of taking life too seriously sometimes forgetting that while I love to work, I can't forget to enjoy everything along with it.  I want to love my life and live vivaciously.  There is so much to appreciate and love in this life, let's not waste a moment!

Aimee XO

Thursday, September 27, 2012


This "experiment" has made me more in touch with reality. It has been so much easier than I ever thought possible. I am glad that I was forced into this position and I am proud of myself for turning what some would say a bad situation and staying positive. It's given me time to think about how our society over indulges in almost anything and everything. We don't need me very much to survive. Then again, that depends on a persons definition of survival. This week I have been spending much more time focusing on taking care of myself and enjoying the outdoors with all of its beauty. It's easy to forget about the free things in life. It's a funny thing to me especially because it seems the things we can easily access are the first to be forgotten even though they are the most fulfilling in enriching our souls and impacting out lives. I look at my room and all the things I have and I can definitely say that I have been blessed to have what I do. I'm no rich kid by any means, but I have always been made sure I've had enough. I have been working since I was 17 and I understand what hard work is. I just feel for the first time in awhile that I feel satisfied. Of course there's a million things that I would appreciate and want so so much (Mac desktop computer ahem lol), but I'm enjoying being satisfied with simplicity. We get caught up trying to have these extravagant things and we miss greatness standing in front of our own eyes. It's been hard learning a need vs a want. But.... I finally think I'm grasping the concept. What I'm trying to say is enjoy what you have because if you don't learn how, you will never be satisfied; nothing will ever be good enough.

On to today..... Ashley and I splurged in to our craving. We cracked! That's what happens when you're working, you get cooky! Haha so I got us Taco Bell for lunch. I got a soft taco and a bean burrito (which btw I ended up not eating more than half because they stuff it too much with beans! Lol), and that came out to the same as last nights total; $2.15.

$22.31 from yesterday
$20.16 left!

Still doing good! Hopefully I can keep it going! There's only 8 days left. It's going by kinda fast! Anyhow, it's getting late. I feel like I'm kinda turning in to a night owl or something!

Night loves,

Aimee xo

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Short & Sweet

And that is exactly how this post is going to be! Went for a run again this morning and even though I'm a terrible runner and its like hell during the process, the end result is like no other. I feel so amazing when I'm done its unreal. So today I decided to go to taco Tuesday with my roomie after work and was able to get 2 tacos for $2.15!!!! What a stealllll!

$24.46 cash left
$22.31 left for 10 days! Not too shabby if I say so myself!

Off to bed, goodnight bloggerverse!

Aime xo

Monday, September 24, 2012

Eleven To Go

I was exhausted today! Working past 11pm and working early at 8am today kinda took its toll out on me. I used my lunch break to take a nap because I would have rather slept than eat! When I did eat after work, it was stuff from my parents house. Gotta love free! On a random note, I came home from work to go pick up my dog and my parents got a new car! It's a silver Ford Edge Limited edition. I'm happy for them :) I was able to spend my afternoon playing some tennis with the roomie and then Peps and I walked and jogged home. It felt so good when I was finished with my workout. I've been a bit lazy lately, but I just have to remember how I feel when I'm finished working out, that I feel so good physically and mentally! Tennis keeps me centered and its the one place that I really feel like I can truly forget everything else that's going on in my life. It's been the constant in my life since I was 7 years old and I don't plan to stop anytime soon.

Today I didn't spend any money, so I still have $24.46 to spend for the next 11 days! So far, so good!

Goodnight all

Aimee xo

Day 12!

Wow it's late and I'm exhausted! I just got off work and I usually don't work the evening shift, but life throws curveballs every once in awhile! Ill just get right in to the day..!

Today I went to brunch with my friend, Ashley, and it was mmmmm yum! I got a cheeseburger (lol) and the fries were to die for. I was able to walk away from brunch with a grand total of $9.54 ( this includes the tip). Not too shabby I'd say. I needed to do some laundry so I went to my mommas house. My parents needed to do some errands so away we went to good ol' Wal Mart. On a side note: my mom has been trying to ruin my experiment! Really, she is. But I mean that in the nicest way possible. She keeps trying to give me stuff. She bought me a Jamba Juice today and that was a special treat. It tasted so delicious. I savored every sip because let's be honest, I doubt ill be buying another one in the next 12 days. Anyways, back to the errands. So I needed to buy some gum and also a Mac and cheese for my roommate to replace the one I ate of hers haagaha! Well, lets just say my mom was nice enough to kill my effort of trying to buy those things. At least it would have only been like $3 and change. All in all though, it was really nice being able to spend some time with my family doing normal stuff like errands. It reminds me of the old days(as if its really THAT long ago) when we used to do it every Sunday after church. It's been a long day, gotta go to bed so I get enough sleep before work in the morning!

$9.54 brunch
$4.00 made in tips
$5.54 spent today

$24.46 left for 12 more days!

Goodnight all!

Aimee xo

Saturday, September 22, 2012

$30 Challenge

Happy Saturday!

I'll just get right into it.... Basically due to some unexpected bills and going on vacation, I have a grand total of $32 ( to be exact) to spend for the next 2 weeks until payday! I know that is horrible, but I'm going to take this as a challenge. In October I wanted to challenge myself to see how little I could live off of and survive. So here is what I'm going to do; I am going to check in and write what I did for the day and let you all know if I spent any money. I just put $25 in my gas tank and that should last me the two weeks as long as I don't make trips to the nearby towns about 15 mins away. Lets see how I do!

Today I had work until 1:15pm, so at least I kept busy. I went to my moms house to pick up my dog and ate lunch there as well as visited with her. After that, I went home to relax and nap. I was able to take my pup to the beach for a nice walk and then I saw Through The Curve. I know movies are expensive and luckily or the only reason why I went was because I had a free movie coupon/pass that I got from my Regal rewards card. The movie was pretty good. I feel like there's been a movie rut or something. Nothing that seems worth watching has been in the theaters. I saw a preview for Argo and Les Miserables and those I definitely look forward to seeing! After the movies I came home and chit chatted with my roomie while eating some dinner (food I already had at home) and watched Law and Order SVU. So...... Today's grand total of spending is:

$0.00 spent today!
$30.00 left to spend
13 days to go!

Alright, I'm off to bed!

Aimee xo

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dove Refresh Care Dry Shampoo

I really love the concept of dry shampoo. It seems that I have been on the hunt for awhile to find an inexpensive and great dry shampoo. Most of the time I end up not caring for a lot of them because the white "powdery" look doesn't go away even with brushing it out with a comb or rubbing the product in to my scalp with my fingers. When I decided to try this Dove dry shampoo, I wasn't expecting much to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I was hoping for the best but I wasn't expecting it either. For only a few bucks and some change at Wal-mart I was willing to give er a go. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked how it made my hair smell. Normally I haven't liked any of the dry shampoo smells all that much but it made me think that I really was smelling some just washed hair. The shampoo did give me that white cast look but I found this one to blend in the easiest out of any dry shampoos I have tried. It was nice also since I have dark hair that I wasn't sitting there for days trying to make sure the white cast was blended. That was awesome. My hair instantly was given some nice volume and it didn't feel chalky. My hair is oily and a lot of times during the middle of the day if I'm on my second day hair you can really tell its second day hair. Not a cute look. But this Dove dry shampoo really got me through the second day without any problems, major kuddos for Dove. My only honest complaint that I have is that there is barely any product in the can. It says that you get 5oz of product but for one can I would say I was only able to use it about 8 times, at the most. I can't tell you how long it's been since I have used up an entire can of any hair care product. It kinda amazes me. But it also tells me even though I want the most for my money, you get what you pay for in terms of how long the product will last before you have to go out for another bottle. But at a few bucks I will gladly purchase this Dove dry shampoo.

Just wanted to write my thoughts about this product while it was on my mind. Hope everyone had a fun, fabulous and safe weekend!

Aimee x

Friday, September 14, 2012

Can't Sleep!

Herro there.

It has been yet again, a few months since I have written. I am currently posting this on the Blogger app for the iPhone because I currently am without a computer! My cheapie little laptop that I purchased on a black Friday sale officially died on me about a month ago. So it's definitely been interesting trying to see how I function without one and while I suppose I don't necessarily NEED a computer to some people's standards, I NEED A COMPUTER AND MUST GET ONE SOON! So when I tackle a few more bills of mine I will definitely be saving for a new bad boy :)

Lately I have been able to do a lot of reflecting. Reflecting you ask? Yes. I have been reevaluating decisions, relationships, situations etc that I have encountered within the past year or so and I have to say I am quite proud of the woman I am becoming. Sometimes it's hard turning someone down to hangout or saying no in general and I struggle with that a lot. I feel guilty for saying no or I sometimes seem to think its easier to just give in than stand up for what I truly want to do. But all in all, I have grown so much this past year. To be more specific, I have been much better at decision making when it comes to guys. I'm not just talking about relationships but with friendships as well. I've changed a bit over the years, it's kinda gone in a wave motion for me. When I first started college I was determined, focused and I knew what I wanted in life. Then that all changed and then my decisions completely relied on the person I was in a relationship with. Everything seemed to be based off of what he would want me to do, not what I wanted. And during this stage in my life, I wanted to be accepted and loved. Ya ya, I know we all ultimately want this as human beings, but I wanted it in an unhealthy way. I completely lost myself, I lost my confidence and my voice. Now, years later and a few different relationships later, I feel like I've gotten back to a great place. I don't let guys push me around or intimidate me, I stuck up for myself and most importantly, I'm making smart and great decisions. As humans we get tempted and trust me I think we all struggle with our own inner demons or whatever you want to call them. I can just see my future so much more vividly and I shouldn't have to sacrifice my own standards for a temporary good thing. I want the best in life and if that's what you want in life, I believe you have to put your best self out there as well. I deserve for once a respectful, intelligent, funny, and handsome gentlemen. Dorky as that sounds, it's true! And I know I've been rambling about men in the relationship sense but sometimes guy friends can be so disrespectful as well. It's all about having boundaries and setting things straight before things get out of hand. I had a friend and he was thinking he was the funniest thing in the world. In reality, he was being very hurtful and inconsiderate. I told him that if he couldn't treat me with the utmost respect that I didn't want to be friends. It was hard saying that because I don't know what person would truly want to say something like that but we all need to remember that you should put yourself first. Defend yourself! You're worth it!

Sorry if that was a random tangent. My excuse is that it's 2:30am while I'm typing this on my phone lol But seriously, no person is worth being in your life if they mistreat you in any way.

Anyways, this is a random as hell post. I will leave you with a random picture too! Haha

Goodnight loves!