Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I can't believe I am FINALLY doing this! I have sat and contemplated writing a blog for quite some time.  I am excited beyond belief for making this blog my own and exploring new things and ideas.

If you know me, you know YouTube has been quite an obsession of mine for the past few years.  I am addicted to watching How to and style videos and have been completely inspired and have learned so much from other people's videos and blogs.  I love watching product reviews and tutorials and they have definitely given me much guidance over the past few years.  So why not pass it on? I am a fashion and makeup LOVER!!!!!  I always have been.  I can actually remember my first experience with makeup.  I used to wear this dark blue eyeshadow that I took from my mom's bathroom and I would literally put a blue line along my lash line. !!!!!!!!!! I wish I had pictures of what I must have looked like.  But man oh man have I come a long way since the sixth grade.  But, not without testing and learning how to use different products and such over the years. 

And so, this is where my blog comes in to my life.  I just want this to be a place where I can share my thoughts, current favorites, regrets and all things Aimee.  I have been inspired by so many other young women and I know that if one person reads this blog and can learn something or feel better or anything, that would make me happy.  I am just hear to share my life with others and just have fun with it!

Now, about the name.  AHAHAHAHA this is what took FOREVER to figure out.  I am such an indecisive person and it literally took me months to pick out a name.  AND......it wasn't even myself that came up with it.  Megan, who is a dear friend of mine one night was over and it seriously just popped out of her mouth.  PURE GENIUS!!! To amplify means to make larger, stronger, more powerful, and/or to expand.  So, we added part of my name in there to make it unique :)  Again, I'm here to help inspire others to be the best version of themselves, to love who they are and embrace life! So the name is perfect to me.  

Happy reading and hope you enjoy future posts!


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