Thursday, November 21, 2013


I need to have a little writing sesh here.  I have been holding in all of my feelings for the what, 2 days (I think) that Midnight Memories has been leaked.  In case you didn't know what I am talking about, Midnight Memories is One Direction's new album.  I have to say, I think the fandom is divided.  I have seen so many fans hating on the ones who decided to listen to the leaked album and etc etc.  I have to say, I am not ashamed for listening to the album.  I DO feel for the boys because I know they worked so hard on this album.  But, with that being said, I have already pre-ordered the album.  I paid for the just was supposed to be accessible to me next week instead of now.  I am beyond words with how I feel about each and every song.  It honestly just solidifies my love and passion for this band.  I know a lot of people think I am absolutely nuts for how I feel about a "boy" band, but to me, they are so much more than that.  I love music and I just can't explain how much I have loved everything they have done throughout their career.  I have always said they have done things right from the beginning and I still believe that deep down in my heart.  Everything they do is a smash in my eyes, fans have so much to look forward to.  Each step they take, things keep getting better.  I honestly believe that this album shows their growth and progression in their music as they are maturing as young men and artists.   I love how they have taken on more of their soft rock sound and mixed it with a bit of folk vibes while keeping a dash of pop in their songs.  I think people would be shocked to know that the songs on the album were One Direction songs.  I also absolutely love that they boys all took part in writing majority of the songs on the album.  Some people aren't meant for writing songs, which makes me even more proud that they created pure magic to my ears.  I just wanted to write a little post about how much I love this album and how I think people should give them more credit for being talented, hard working and charming lads.  Check out the album, it is on sale November 25th :) or if you really wanted a taste of what the album sounds like, its all over the internet. lol ok that was my little rant hahaha

Lots of love,

Aimee xx


  1. R u still using oatmeal cleansing method ? I read on makeup alley which says that oatmeal
    cleansing caused her to have cold sores ?! Is it true !? Btw I have dry n sensitive skin so I used oatmeal cleansing than I apply extra virgin olive oil as my moisturizer so far so good...

    1. Anne,

      I haven't been using the oatmeal cleansing method daily. However, when I had a recent string of bad breakouts, I did. I never had cold sores from the oatmeal...I'm not exactly sure if that is a normal side effect. Whenever I have bad breakouts I use the extra virgin olive oil to soothe my skin and I will also put a little vaseline on my breakout overnight if you can believe that. I'm not sure about the science behind it, but it seems to heal my breakout much faster!