Saturday, August 27, 2011


Jersey Shore! Jersey Shore!  Not gonna lie, Jersey Shore is probably one of my favorite guilty pleasures EVER! I know it's seriously the most random show, but if you listen to the things those people say, it is pure comedy in my eyes.  Megan and I have loved watching the shore together since our days as roomies, so of course we had to carry on the tradition!  We get together on Thursdays and make ourselves a "classic Italian" meal and laugh watching those crazy people!  This week, we made our trip to our neighborhood Vons :) and got some bow tie pasta, gelato, french bread, and our fav apple muffins haha.  The gelato was delicious!  We kinda cringed at the whopping $4 and change that EACH one was!  But, go big or go home, right? Definitely not our frugalista find of the night.  Here are pictures of our oh so classy dinner :)

Sadly, this week was our last Thursday dinner together. So depressing!  Megan is going to be going to train in Kaui (so jealous) and then she is going to Indonesia to help women in need coming out of sex trafficking.  She is going to be gone for 8 months!!!!!!!!!!  It is going to be such a beautiful, life changing experience and I am so excited for these new steps in her life.  So proud that she is going out in the world to change lives.  It is really inspirational and so motivating.  Megan is one of the greatest people I have ever met in my life, she is such an amazing friend.  I have always thought Meg has been one of the most compassionate, loyal, funny, beautiful, trustworthy, caring and good hearted person I have known in my lifetime.   I am going to miss you Meg more than you will ever know! But as we say, its just a "see you later", no goodbyes.  We have too many things to cross off our bucket lists together!!! 

<<"She's too young for you bro....."

So I will leave you all with this: "Friendship is the glue that keeps our lives together."---Megan "just g" Gee

Until next time......


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