Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Update: The Oatmeal Cleanser Experiment


It has been almost 2 months since I first started using Oatmeal as apart of my skincare routine.  Here are some of my thoughts on my experience thusfar!

When I first was starting to use the oatmeal as a cleanser, the only oatmeal that I had in the house was the Quaker Old Fashioned Oatmeal that cooks in 5 minutes.  I noticed that with this oatmeal, the oats themselves were whole pieces.  Why I bring this up is that because the oats were in fact whole pieces, it took slightly longer to get them to the milky texture in order to work them into my face.  When I ran out of that specific oatmeal, I purchased the Quaker Quick Minute Oatmeal, which cooks in one minute haha hence the name!  I actually seemed to like how this oatmeal worked a little bit better.  Because the oatmeal was already broken down into smaller pieces, it was almost immediately when I was able to get the oatmeal soft and into the milky texture.  Also, because the pieces were already smaller and broken down, when I added the water, the oatmeal felt much more soft.  Another plus to using the "quick minute" oatmeal was that it was easier for the oatmeal to go down the drain, less of a mess! 

The only difference between the beginning of my experiment and now is that I was my face with Purupose face wash before I use the oatmeal to soothe my skin.  I have actually been having a lot more breakouts lately.  I have been super stressed out lately, my hormones have been all over the place and honestly, I feel like my skin still has not recovered from using the Clarisonic.  I feel like maybe my purging stage was not over and that all this excess junk is still sitting underneath my skin.  So I will be trying some new remedies to try and see how my skin reacts!  I am sick of my skin being horrible and all I wish is that it would go back to the way that it was BEFORE I was a genius and tried the Clarisonic. 

My overall thoughts on Oatmeal as a cleanser are these.  I think it is a great, affordable option for people that don't have acne prone skin!  While I did see an improvement in my breakouts, the oatmeal didn't prevent my skin from new breakouts.  I did see great improvement in the texture of my skin.  My skin is much more soft since using the oatmeal and I have also noticed my skin has a more even tone to it.  I have always had problems with redness on my cheeks and I have to say most of my redness is gone!  This is probably the main reason why I continue to wash my face with the oatmeal.  My skin isn't as irritated and it is nice that my skin has calmed down from the oatmeal.  I have noticed that my skin has made a small improvement on how oily my skin was, nothing dramatic, but at least an improvement. 

Hopefully my experience with oatmeal as a cleanser has given you some insight and has helped you maybe want to try it for yourself!  At least it is a very cheap product to purchase and it won't hurt to try for yourself.  Worse case scenario, you can just have some yummy breakfasts! :)

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