Thursday, December 8, 2011


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It has been ages it seems like since I have posted an entry on here! I am a slacker! I took a random/last minute trip to Vegas and just got back yesterday.  All I can say is this: AMAZING.  I definitely have always loved the city, there is something magical about that place in my opinion.  I am making a commitment to someday live in this wonderful city! One of the reasons why I love this city so much is that it truly is very diverse.  I don't and have never felt out of place like I have even in my own hometown!  I myself am not a gambler, so what I love to do is explore the city in all its fabulousness and go to shows! My roommate and I took advantage of the see 2 shows for $75 deal and it was so worth every cent! I have always gone to see the Tournament of Kings show at Excalibur and this trip would be no exception.  Every year that I have gone to see the show, they have made changes to make it different, new and exciting.  I have to say this year was the best show yet!  Completely worth going to see!  We were on Team Norway and I have to admit our "King" was a little cutie!  He seemed very young, I would say he was barely 18, but it was cool to see a young actor in such a well known show.  Inspiring!  The Tournament of Kings had humor, action and they added a lot more one on one combat parts to the show.  You really feel like you are in medival times, eating your meal with your hands and the fabulous costumes and routines.  The horses are so well trained and it seems that they are taken great care of.  They have added much more fire and small fireworks that go off and it is such a great suprise where they add it in.  What I also enjoy about this show is that there is not a bad seat in the house.  It isn't a huge arena so it feels pretty intimate and also the seating is staggered so nicely that you will have no issues seeing over anyone's heads :)    I also was quite suprised by how great the service was that we had for our drinks and meal!  I forget what his name was, but he was cracking jokes with us the entire time and was great with everyone in his section.  As some people might overlook this detail in light of the show as a whole, for me, it made the experience even better.  I would recommend this show to anyone!  The second show that we saw was.......THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER!!!!!!!  Let me tell you, I would not be the one to go to a show like this because I am pretty conservative in some respects, but I am so glad that I got out of my comfort zone and went to this show!  It was absolutely amazing and frankly adorable!  I know that might be quite a strange adjective, but it really was!  These amazingly good looking men were adorable, endearing, respectful and SOOOOOO NICE!  This is not what people might think when they hear "adult strip tease show".  It was actually super cute how these men had costumes and actual dance routines to different songs.  And when there were the few individual songs where one guy would dance solo, it was soooo cute how they had their own personal styles integrated in to their routines.  What I would also like to say is that it is very tasteful and just fun.  All you see is gorgeous men without their shirts off and you see some bootay but that is about it! :) They also work the crowd going on tables and take a few girls up on stage with them which is fun and you can see they are also having a great time as well.  The show's host, Marcus, was probably one of the funniest guys I have ever seen.  He made the atmosphere so light and just a great time.  What I also thought was fun was that at the end of the show the men stay around and you can take or pay rather to take a picture with them.  You can chat with them and that is so cool!  They were so sweet and funny and it was a nice touch to end the night.  I would also recommend this show to any other lady just looking for laughs and great eye candy :)  The guys are seriously soooooooooo attractive and it defintiely makes me want to go to Australia.  How could you not fall in love with those accents?!

I will hopefully post some pictures soon that I took! 

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