Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Clarisonic Mia Round Dos

Second times the charm right?

If you have been following/reading my blog, you will know that I tried out the Clarisonic Mia a few months ago.  I absolutely had a horrible experience and after over a month of using it, I decided that I had had enough and returned it.  Well, ever since I stopped using the Clarisonic, my skin has never been the same.  I had a bit of regret going through all of the purging and giving up too soon.  It was always in the back of my mind that I didn't give it quite enough time.  In my mind I figured over a month was way way way too generous of a time frame, but I think I stopped right when my skin was about to go over the peak and start to improve.  I was trying to do shortcuts all over the place, I was trying all of these different things to try and bring my skin back to its normal self without shelling out the money for something high end like the Clarisonic.  When in reality, I ended up spending a lot of time just super frustrated with my skin when I was approaching it the wrong way entirely.  So about 3 weeks ago, I cracked.  I went in to Sephora with my friend Heidi and we were just having an awesome time looking at all of the stuff we have been dying to try.  I knew going in to the store that I definitely had the intention of repurchasing the Clarisonic, but paying for it without cringing was what I was having trouble with.  I don't ever spend that kind of money on myself, it is a rare experience!  But, I have to say I had such an amazing experience and learned new things; thanks to my new favorite consultant, Erin!  Erin was so well informed and that made me so much more comfortable with tackling this second try prepared.  First off, the Clarisonic comes with a sensitive head brush.  This was news to me.  The first time I purchased the Clarisonic, the consultant told me that she would recommend me purchasing the sensitive brush separately.  Good thing that I didn't!  I would have bought 2 of the same head brushes for nothing!  Not only that, but even the sensitive brush was way too abrasive for my skin.  I mean looking back and comparing the sensitive brush and the delicate brush, they are so different.  I am so thankful that Erin told me this information.  All I really needed to do was change brush heads instead of giving up.  My skin is definitely in the purging stage now after almost 2 weeks of using the Clarisonic again, but it is no way near how bad and horrible the purging stage was originally.  I am getting a few breakouts, but I can tell that the texture of my skin is slowly making improvements.  Before trying this for the second time, I felt like all of the nasty gunk was just trapped below the surface of my skin everywhere.  Now my skin is feeling lighter, cleaner and less oily.  I will keep updating how my skin is progressing now that I am trying this Clarisonic again, so stay tuned!

Another reason why I think this time I am having better success with my skin improving is because I went in to Sephora and I told Erin that I wanted a game plan.  I told her I wanted to be prepared for the purge stage and that I wanted the best products to help me.  I mean, come on.  I'm shelling out $119 for the sucker, I might as well invest in my skin and take care of myself!  Another thing that I noticed in between my times using the Clarisonic, my skin got increasingly oily!  I have oily skin, but I have never had to reapply a mattifying powder on my face multiple times throughout the day without looking like a disco ball.  Erin showed me Philosophy's Hope In a Jar Oil Free Moisturizer.  I love love love this stuff!  You literally only need just a little bit and your skin just soaks up the moisture right away.  I have never had my skin feel so soft, clean and not oily!  My skin stays pretty matte throughout the whole day and I have noticed that my purging hasn't been as harsh when I use this moisturizer.  Erin also suggested using the Philosophy Microdelivery Purifying Peel.  I will write a more extensive review on both of these products, but this was so worth the $40!  It has made a wonderful difference in my skin.

My skin has also been adjusting better this round because I haven't been invading it with so many products with salycilic acid in them.  While it is good in taking care of acne, I don't want to bombard my skin more than I already am.  My skin isn't red and screaming at me and while I am getting breakouts, they seem to go away much faster and again, the texture of my skin is getting restored to what it used to be.

I will write again in a few weeks on how my skin is progressing and I can't wait to share with you all.  This definitely has opened my eyes that skincare is super important to me and that it is an investment!  Also, when a product isn't working a certain way, switching up what you are doing can make a world's difference.  So if you are frustrated like I have been, don't give up!  There are other ways to alter your routine to give you the results you are looking for.  All I can say is that I'm glad I gave the Clarisonic a second chance!

Aimsters XO


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