Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bath & Body Works, Bed Bath & Beyond Haul

Hey lovelies!  How has your weekend been?  Mine has been pretty relaxed, I still have a little cold and I have been really tired this week!  I also think this is because I am preparing myself mentally and physically for the week that I have ahead of me.  I still can't believe that Christmas is 9 days away.  That's absolutely insane to  me.  It was just yesterday that it was Thanksgiving and Black Friday!  Some people have told me that when you get older, time goes by a lot faster.  This has been the case this year and I don't like it! LOL

Quick update on my DIY teeth whitener experiment.  It's been just over a week since I started the experiment and I just want to clarify that I am not using the paste mixture everyday.  I have done it 3 times so far, so roughly almost every other day.  So far I am loving how clean my teeth feel.  I love that clean, polished feeling of my teeth.  As far as whitening my teeth, I obviously need to give it more time.  I think this experiment will probably take a month for me to really see any differences.  I am not really seeing my teeth getting any whiter yet, but I will let you know how it's going.

A few days ago I went shopping with my friend, Heidi.  It was a fun Christmas shopping trip and I made a video showing you all my haul.  It is a small haul, so don't expect anything crazy haha.  Hope you enjoy it!


Aimee XO

p.s. I have a lot of upcoming reviews of products! :)


  1. It's actually scary how little time there is before Christmas. I feel like I have SO much to get done still! What a great haul!

    1. I know right? I already feel like I am rushing and with everyone else feeling the same way its just pure chaos!