Monday, January 21, 2013

Classic Scent: Sweet Pea

Hello all you beautiful people!

In the past month of so I have become more and more conscious in how I smell.  No one wants to smell bad and I just think it's a fun way to show your personality through fragrances.  I did a haul before Christmas and I had bought myself the Sweet Pea lotion and body mist from Bath and Body Works.  This scent has been around since I think I was in junior high and let me tell you all, thats been a LONG TIME.  I always seem to go back to this scent and I seriously don't know anyone who really doesn't like this scent.  It is a nice sweet, floral scent without it being overbearing.  The other day I was cleaning out the trunk of my car and I happened to find another bottle of Sweet Pea lotion.  Can you say SCORE!!!  I was really excited to find such a gem underneath all the junk in my car.  What are your favorite scents from Bath and Body Works or any other store?  Let me know in the comment section below!


Aimee xx

Current Scent Obsession

Current Scent Obsession by beaimplified

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