Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mary Kay Eye Primer

Mary Kay Eye Primer

Mary Kay Eye Primer

Happy 2013 everyone!  Hope everyone had a fun holiday season and that you're all ready to tackle on the new year like I am!

Thought it's been about time to do another product review.  Today I'm talking about the Mary Kay Eye Primer.  I was given this product from a roommate of mine and I am pretty sure I have another tube of this stuff in my makeup collection.  Let's start off by talking about the importance of using an eyeshadow primer.  Eyeshadow primer is pretty much the essential first step before applying your shadows.  It helps to prevent the shadows from creasing, to last all day, and to make your eyeshadow colors more vibrant.  It's basically prepping your eyeshadows to live up to their full potential; I hope that makes sense.  I have had plenty of time to use this stuff and I have come to the conclusion that it bites!  Thumbs down! Don't buy this matter what any Mary Kay consultant will tell you.  Luckily this product was given to me as a gift so I didn't have to waste my money.  You can purchase this product for $12 a tube for .3oz of product which isn't bad if you're going to compare to higher end primers that will cost you around $20 a pop.  I don't mind shelling out money for certain products,  as long as they work.  This product has been a complete flop for me.  It is a thicker, paste like consistency and it takes awhile to make sure the product is well blended.  Even with extensive blending, I noticed that the white-ish pigment never was completely gone.  The product is pretty sticky and even after waiting for the product to set before applying my shadows, it made blending my shadows more difficult and somewhat streaky.  The staying power of this primer wasn't very strong either.  I recently used this primer before a 15 hour work day and by the end of the night I had major creasing.  I don't mean for this to be a bash fest, but this stuff isn't worth much praise.  I do have to say that the packaging is very simple, convenient and the product dispenses well,  making it easy to keep sanitary.

Hope you found this short review helpful!  I would love to know if you have any requests of products you would like me to review.  (The Lorac Pro Palette review is in the works)

Be happy and start the week off with a smile!


Aimee XO


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    1. thank you so much for the sweet your pics on your blog as well...i would love to live in london too! Aimee xx