Monday, January 28, 2013

My First Hair Extension Experience!

A few weeks ago I spent a fun afternoon with my friend Ashley dying her hair and making new extensions.  I have always been curious about extensions, but I haven't had anyone that I knew that wore them.  When Ashley asked me to help, I jumped at the opportunity and figured it would be a fun thing to write about!  Why not?  

Ashley decided to go with a dark chocolate brown color and she wanted to incorporate red into her extensions for added dimension and fun.  I have to say I absolutely love this color combination!  Not too many people are daring enough to get some red going in their locks and I think it is such a fun and bold color!  Heres what the extensions look like out of the packaging below....

After getting the extensions ready, it was time for the hard part.  Really these next steps took awhile to do and I can see how tedious of a process it truly is.  Next up, grab so wig clips (Ashley purchased the Sally's brand....but she said they ended up being pretty bad quality...just an FYI), needle, scissors and some thread.  Ashley already had previous extensions that she had already measured out, but basically you just want to measure the extensions from one end of your head to the next.  Once you have figured out the length that you want for your one piece of the extension, cut the extension and set aside.  Repeat this process until you have the desired amount of extensions.

After you have the extension pieces, grab two wig clips per extension section piece.  Grab your needle and thread and start sewing the clips (one on each end) and the two sections of hair extensions together.  For this part Ashley sewed the largest section with just the chocolate brown.  For the smaller extension pieces, she sewed one chocolate brown and one red hair extension piece together.  She did this so that the extensions would blend together much better.  You definitely don't want too blunt of chunks just showing up random places in your hair because we all know that look isn't all that cute.  LOL.  Here's what the extensions looked like after she sewed them together.  

Now that the hard part was over, it was time to do some dying! (Hair dying that is....not dying dying ha)  You want to obviously dye your hair the same color as the color you have as the majority color of your extensions.  Ashley has gone to beauty school, so she knew what she was doing on this part for sure.  She whipped up the dye mixture and handed it off to me!  This part was really fun, at least for me! 

After letting the dye set and washing it out, I watched Ashley style the extensions.  To me this was the most fun part of the entire process.  She had this old manikin head from beauty school that she clipped on each set of extensions one at a time and curled the extensions.  I would say this is any girly girls dream!  I could honestly sit and do that for a long time, I love playing with hair! LOL

 I work with Ashley and I have heard numerous times people ask her how she gets her hair the way it is ( loose waves).  Wrap your hair AROUND the barrel of a curling iron instead of clamping it.  Not only does this not give you as structured of a curl, I frankly think it just makes it look more wearable and everyday polished without trying too hard.  Also, wrapping your hair around the barrel instead of clamping just makes it so user friendly.  I think more people have trouble getting the hang of curling their hair when trying to learn how to clamp their hair.  

Here's how the extensions look on Ashley....

Doesn't it look amazing?!  I know I may be a little biased to dark hair, but I absolutely love how it turned out!

All in all, I had a great first experience learning about extensions.  Even though they are expensive, I think it is a great way to change up your look without having to commit to it being permanent like a haircut!  Hope you enjoyed reading this, and leave me a comment below if you have tried extensions and what your thoughts are!


Aimee xx

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