Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blogyear Day 11: MYGLAM

My MYGLAM bag finally came! For those that don't know what MYGLAM is, it is a monthly subscription service that ships products for you to sample each month. You can subscribe month to month or have your account linked to your bank account to automatically have the funds withdrawn each month. It is only $10! And! The shipping is free. MYGLAM was created by my all time favorite Youtube beauty guru, Michelle Phan. (i wrote about her in yesterdays post). What is also nice about MYGLAM is that Michelle and some f my other favorite Youtubers do videos to show how they use the monthly products in their own way. This is my first month that I was able to subscribe. This is the 2nd month MYGLAM has been available, last month they sold out so I wasn't able to get my bag :( but I have seen very many reviews and YouTube videos and I have been so impressed! So far there have been many FULL sized products that cost much much more than the $10 subscription price. All of the products are so high quality which is so nice to be able to try out the products before shelling out the big bucks. I can't wait to test out this months products and let you know what I think about them! My initial reaction to seeing my package was OMG IS THAT A PINK BUBBLE PACKAGE?! It's kinda silly how much I loved how my package came in such a girly and fun package. In the package there were these products: Sheer Cover duo concealer ($29 retail), Wen sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner ($36 retail), Freeman cucumber facial peel off mask ($8 retail), and theBalm cosmetics shady lady eyeshadow($16 retail). I'll try these bad boys out and let you know what I think soon!

As far as eating goes.....

Cup o noodle ... Ahhaahha

A few handfuls of cinnamon chex
Some pretzel crisps

4 biscuits
Salad w ranch
Potato bacon soup
Few bites of pasta
Small brownie w small scoop of ice cream

Here is my new issue I need to tackle. I need to make sure I force myself to eat breakfast and lunch! Lately I havent been very hungry during the day, but at night I turn into the food monster and want to eat everything in my path. I'll work on that one. Last night I got a good nights sleep, so I am going to repeat that because it made me feel better! Also, since I ate out tonight, I am making myself get up in the morning before work to go for a jog. I'm going on a hike tomorrow after work, and I'm looking forward to it! Pepper loves this hike too so I'm glad she will be able to join me in tackling the mountain. :)

Hopefully everyone is having a super Saturday!

Until tomorrow.....

Aimee XO

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  1. WOW, let me know how the WEN conditioner is!! I have heard so many good things about that product. I also have to force myself to eat breakfast and lunch, I usually don't feel hungry until 3PM but I'm trying to get myself to eat small snacks (string cheese, apples etc) at around 10, lunch at 1230 and another snack at 2 or 3pm. Then go home and eat dinner before 8PM so I'm not eating too late! :)

    Hope you review the products soon!!! LOVE YOU!