Monday, January 9, 2012

Blogyear Day 7: Reality Check?

Dear Bloggerverse,

My name is Aimee, and I seriously need someone to slap me silly and give me a reality check.  It is honestly so frustrating some days to deal with living a healthy life, but seriously, when am I going to wake up and realize that I can't lose my focus!  Like I have said in previous blogs, I know how to lose weight; I have been there before losing 30lbs.  I need to stop half assing everything and start putting my goals into reality.  So here is my start, I am waking up early in the morning and I am going to go to the gym before I take off to LA for the day.  As much as I want to go crazy and eat tons of junk tomorrow, I am going to refrain and I am going to think about what I REALLY want instead of going crazy just go crazy.

Here is what I ate today:

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna Bar

Salami Sandwich

2 biscuits
Potato Bacon Soup
Diet Coke

Sorry for my little rant, but I can't help it sometimes!  I guess I feel a little discouraged right now with myself.  I know that there is no point in doing that because its about the past and I can't change that!  I just don't really know what I was thinking not taking care of myself more.  Obviously I know how hard it was for me to lose those 30lbs, so why wouldn't I take care of myself and keep a healthy life? OH WELL.  Now is the time for change and I'm excited.  Another thing I am doing right now, is drinking water!  I noticed today I was pretty dehydrated and I need to make sure that I keep a water bottle with me always.

I'm sorry if this is kinda a downer post, but it is what I'm feeling.  If anything, I want to be honest to whoever reads this blog of mine.  I want people to hear my struggles and frustrations because it isn't always rainbows and butterflies!  Well, I am going to get some sleep.  I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow and I need to get some sleep for my workout in the morning!

Until tomorrow.......

Aimee XO

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  1. YUM, SALAMI SANDWICH!!! :) What kind of bread are you using? You can use whole wheat to make it a little healthier. And I think you're using the low sodium salami, all the taste and way less salt. Glad you're drinking more water. I'm finding I need to do that too. I get so dehydrated at the end of the day and end up guzzling water right before bed. Not good!

    In keeping up with you here is my plan today:
    Ran 2.5 miles this morning
    Breakfast - glass of fat free milk mixed with 1 scoop of veggie protein powder
    snack - string cheese
    lunch - salad with peas, butter leaf lettuce and 1 hard boiled egg, dressing is olive oil and balsamic vinegar
    snack - 1 oz of roasted, salted almonds
    dinner - homemade falafel (which is just garbanzo beans mixed with garlic, onion, herbs and sauteed in olive oil), with salad

    Remember, be positive! You're right in forgetting about the past, focus on the big picture of things. You remember how long it took to lose 30 lbs, it doesn't happen overnight. Keep up the blogging Aimers and have fun in LA! I LOVE YOU!!