Monday, January 16, 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush Review

Finally the time has come.......

I am beyond excited to write about the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes!  I have heard so much about these new blushes for the past few weeks and I was ecstatic when I finally found these at CVS.  So what's so amazing about these bad boys?  These are by far the most amazing cream blushes I have tried out so far.  I have a few from MAC and I have tried out some Revlon ones before but none of them compare to these bouncy blushes in my opinion.  What sets these apart from the rest of any drugstore cream blushes is how seamless and blendable they are.  While the pigmentation is extremely buildable, it virtually takes no effort to blend the blush into your skin making it look flawless, and natural.  I love how these blushes don't go on your face and you look like a clown.  These blushes are so silky and it gives you this gorgeous flush that looks believable!  There are 10 different shades in the range and I decided to only get two; Plum Wine (a dark burgundy) and Hot Tamale (a bright red with orange undertones).  While I am not at my darkest skin tone now, I do have olive skin and I was drawn to the most bold shades of the range.  While they look like they are going to look too crazy on in the package, it is a sheer wash of color.  If you are tan like I am, I would definitely suggest Plum Wine and Hot Tamale to be your choices because the other colors probably won't show up on your skin tone.  The other colors in the range are different variations of pinks and while they are beautiful, they definitely would only be useful for people with lighter complexions.  I feel like some drugstore products are very reasonably priced and worth their cost, and while I am in love with these blushes, I still feel like they are slightly overpriced.  Maybe that is because I got them at CVS?  Who knows....but when I purchased these they were over $8 for .19oz of product!  Yikes!  On the other hand, I would definitely rather pay $8 for a product that does a better job (in my opinion) than a MAC cream blush for about $20.  So when you look at it that way, yes, it is so worth a try.  And the reason why I will certainly keep using and purchasing this product is because of the way that the blush looks on my skin.  I have experimented with blush and usually I don't especially like how I look with blush (I would rather just use bronzer), but these give me a soft, romantic look and I love it.  
These blushes have the craziest texture ever to them.  They are very silky to the touch and when you press down on the product, it is like you are touching memory foam!  It is the coolest thing I have ever seen with makeup!  It is very innovative and it's such a fun, unique spin.  The packaging is nice, compact and simple.  It has a nice clear cover where you can see what color the product is with the product description on the back of course.  The packaging is easy to open, but stays securely shut.  A lot of times I have noticed that it can be hard opening drugstore compacts and it's nice that for once one is reliable enough so you're not afraid of the product opening up on you, yet it's easy enough to have quick access.  I also like how there isn't a lot of extra bulky packaging to make it appear like there is more product.  I'm not sure why some companies do this, but it's a waste of materials.  

Anyways, these are going to be permanent items for Maybelline (or so that I have heard) and a lot of times CVS and other drugstores offer a buy one get one half off special.  Overall, I think these are great quality products at a fraction of the price compared to high end products.  They are fun, and will give you a fresh look, just in time for spring around the corner.  :)  Hope this review was helpful and here are some pictures of the two blushes that I have.

( Left: Hot Tamale, Right: Plum Wine)

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  1. What about your diet? Also, please post pics of your cheeks before and after, we want to see your pretty face. :) LOVE YOU!!!!!!!