Thursday, September 27, 2012


This "experiment" has made me more in touch with reality. It has been so much easier than I ever thought possible. I am glad that I was forced into this position and I am proud of myself for turning what some would say a bad situation and staying positive. It's given me time to think about how our society over indulges in almost anything and everything. We don't need me very much to survive. Then again, that depends on a persons definition of survival. This week I have been spending much more time focusing on taking care of myself and enjoying the outdoors with all of its beauty. It's easy to forget about the free things in life. It's a funny thing to me especially because it seems the things we can easily access are the first to be forgotten even though they are the most fulfilling in enriching our souls and impacting out lives. I look at my room and all the things I have and I can definitely say that I have been blessed to have what I do. I'm no rich kid by any means, but I have always been made sure I've had enough. I have been working since I was 17 and I understand what hard work is. I just feel for the first time in awhile that I feel satisfied. Of course there's a million things that I would appreciate and want so so much (Mac desktop computer ahem lol), but I'm enjoying being satisfied with simplicity. We get caught up trying to have these extravagant things and we miss greatness standing in front of our own eyes. It's been hard learning a need vs a want. But.... I finally think I'm grasping the concept. What I'm trying to say is enjoy what you have because if you don't learn how, you will never be satisfied; nothing will ever be good enough.

On to today..... Ashley and I splurged in to our craving. We cracked! That's what happens when you're working, you get cooky! Haha so I got us Taco Bell for lunch. I got a soft taco and a bean burrito (which btw I ended up not eating more than half because they stuff it too much with beans! Lol), and that came out to the same as last nights total; $2.15.

$22.31 from yesterday
$20.16 left!

Still doing good! Hopefully I can keep it going! There's only 8 days left. It's going by kinda fast! Anyhow, it's getting late. I feel like I'm kinda turning in to a night owl or something!

Night loves,

Aimee xo

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