Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cinco Mas!

Hey there :)

Today I write to you on my loaner computer from my stepdad.  This is honestly so much easier to write this post on.  I have missed having a computer and I certainly won't take this luxury for granted ever again! 

There are 5 days left of my $30 challenge and I can't wait til its all over, seriously lol. 

$21.66 left
-$1.00 chocolate donation
$20.66 left!

I know this seems like I have a good amount left, but tomorrow I will be purchasing my Twilight Breaking Dawn movie marathon ticket so that is going to take up $15.  I didn't spend any money yesterday and today I put $1 towards a chocolate fundraiser that a friend is doing to raise money for a family members school.  I got these chocolate covered almonds and let me tell you they were phenomenal! mmmmmmmm so yummy.  After work today I had a visit with the parents, ironed my work clothes and then I had an amazing workout!  I feel like today was very productive and I enjoy these days very much. 

Last night some  friends and I all hung out and it was seriously one of the most random, silly and fun nights I have had in awhile.  We were just dancing and being goofy letting our inner weirdness come out.  I loved it.  It just kinda made me think about how we should never cease to live our lives and have fun.  I can be guilty of taking life too seriously sometimes forgetting that while I love to work, I can't forget to enjoy everything along with it.  I want to love my life and live vivaciously.  There is so much to appreciate and love in this life, let's not waste a moment!

Aimee XO

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