Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 12!

Wow it's late and I'm exhausted! I just got off work and I usually don't work the evening shift, but life throws curveballs every once in awhile! Ill just get right in to the day..!

Today I went to brunch with my friend, Ashley, and it was mmmmm yum! I got a cheeseburger (lol) and the fries were to die for. I was able to walk away from brunch with a grand total of $9.54 ( this includes the tip). Not too shabby I'd say. I needed to do some laundry so I went to my mommas house. My parents needed to do some errands so away we went to good ol' Wal Mart. On a side note: my mom has been trying to ruin my experiment! Really, she is. But I mean that in the nicest way possible. She keeps trying to give me stuff. She bought me a Jamba Juice today and that was a special treat. It tasted so delicious. I savored every sip because let's be honest, I doubt ill be buying another one in the next 12 days. Anyways, back to the errands. So I needed to buy some gum and also a Mac and cheese for my roommate to replace the one I ate of hers haagaha! Well, lets just say my mom was nice enough to kill my effort of trying to buy those things. At least it would have only been like $3 and change. All in all though, it was really nice being able to spend some time with my family doing normal stuff like errands. It reminds me of the old days(as if its really THAT long ago) when we used to do it every Sunday after church. It's been a long day, gotta go to bed so I get enough sleep before work in the morning!

$9.54 brunch
$4.00 made in tips
$5.54 spent today

$24.46 left for 12 more days!

Goodnight all!

Aimee xo

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